Your Kid’s First and Favorite Dentist is at Groot Dental

kids dentist

The recommended first visit is usually about six months after the first tooth springs out or by their first birthday. Parents can anticipate this to be their child’s short and sweet happy visit and your one-year-old will not be undergoing any dental treatment. Consider your child’s first dental visit to be more precautionary and beneficial for your child to build trust with the dentist at an early age. Your toddler may be anxious or curious when they come in for the first time and it sets a great environment to forge a relationship. At Groot dental, we offer personalized care for kids, keeping in mind that their first dental visit could be overwhelming and therefore we allow the parents to...

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Six Home Remedies for Toothache Until Your Dentist Appointment

toothache treatment

You finally booked your emergency dental appointment. Congrats! The agonizing and distracting pain will soon be in your reminiscence. But if your appointment is not scheduled for today or for the next couple of days, your pain becomes annoying and starts interfering with your day-to-day activities. You may now feel hopeless and anxious and wonder how your pain can be managed. Tooth pain can range from mildly distracting to throbbing agonizing pain and can be caused by infected gums, tooth decay, or tooth fractures! If you live in Oshawa or Durham region, getting an emergency appointment with a dentist isn’t always possible. Most dentists are fully booked and have a few open slots for emergencies. Fortunately, we came up with...

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Exploring Holistic Dentistry: A Unique Approach To Wellness


You’re probably familiar with the term holistic dentistry. It’s a concept where we treat dental health as an integral component of physical, emotional, and mental well-being. But what you may not be familiar with is the concept of holistic dentistry. That’s how we approach patient care at Groot Dentistry. Today I’d like to share with you the fundamentals of holistic dentistry and why it’s a step above the more common holistic care available in San Francisco.E pluribus unum — out of many come oneThe whole is more than simply the sum of its parts. That’s especially true when it comes to the unique brand of holistic dentistry available at Groot Dentistry. Over the years, I’ve applied the best parts of...

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